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Please contact me to request permission to use any of the photos or videos that appear here.

Golden light sets everything aglow when I'm performing at the beautiful Stanford Inn by the Sea at Mendocino, on the North Coast of California. This photo was taken just before sunset on December 22nd:

The end of 2013 saw the closure of two of my favorite places to play: Murphy's Irish Pub in South Lake Tahoe, and Synapse Wines in Placerville. Here are a couple of parting shots:

A great photo of a Celtic session at Murphy's--That's me, of course, on the harp, with Steve in the white cap, playing mandolin, Sean playing pipes, and Keith playing guitar:

With Mitch and Cathy from Synapse Wines. I'll miss ya guys!

The Something Blue Bridal Show
on November 17th, produced by the South Lake Tahoe Wedding and Honeymoon Association was packed! Photos were taken by my hubby, who sneaked in at the last minute to help me out. Here's a close-up of me in my booth:

And here is a good shot of what really goes on at a bridal show. I'm playing some requested tunes for a couple, and the tall blonde holding my promo cards is Kylee, my assistant and roadie. She knew how to handle herself. When a DJ told her she was cute and that his son should think about going out with her, Kylee retorted, "I'm married and I have three kids, and yep, I'm 15 years old!" That sure got him to back off :-)

This photo was taken at Heather and Eric's Regan Beach Park wedding in October (You can see them in the background of the photo). Eric was one of the happiest grooms I had seen in a long time--The guy just couldn't stop laughing and smiling.

Here are two of my favorite photos taken at The Cellar Restaurant to date (I play there the first Wednesday of each month, and I'll take music requests!). Both of these were taken on September 4th with my dear friend, Antoinette's camera. She is pictured below.

I've been performing for the senior residents at Eskaton Village in Placerville, California once a month. It's a blast to play for these very kind people, especially those who are memory care patients. What amazes me is that these folks may have problems remembering names or what they just said ten seconds ago, but play music, and they hum along to the tunes and even remember the lyrics!

Hosting a house concert is fun! If you've never heard of a house concert, check out the Concerts in Your Home website. The following photos were taken at a house concert that I hosted on August 24th. I played a set, then the traditional Irish music group Ciana played a set, and we all played together. Thanks to my friend, Russ Gartz, for these great photos.

Dessert was served first: Joe, from the group Ciana, gives my hubby's dessert a "thumbs up" (Tina and Cathy are eying their slices).

Then I played my set:

Then Ciana finished off the show with some toe-tapping tunes:

Just looking at the scenery in the shots below, it's easy to understand why couples come from around the world to get married at Lake Tahoe. Here's another picture-perfect wedding day--Photos below were taken at Leslie and Christian's wedding at The Chateau at Incline Village on July 27th. First, a photo of me (just to prove I was there), and then a photo taken of the scenery from my vantage point, behind the harp.

It's hot outside on July 3rd, but cool inside The Cellar Restaurant inside the Smith Flat House. The house was built on top of an old gold mine in Placerville, California, and the restaurant is actually inside of the old gold mine (hence the stone walls):

Watch me play "Fields of Gold" LIVE on
Wake Up Tahoe, aired on June 13, 2013. I hat the wonderful opportunity to co-host the show with Dreu Marin. You'll learn a bit about my life in Tahoe and much more:

This lovely photo was taken at Drew and Heather's
Edgewood wedding by Jarvis Photography. The wedding day was June 2nd, and here at Tahoe, it can still be chilly, so it was "sweater weather".

I performed with my good friend, the fabulous singer/songwriter/guitarist/fiddler Doug Adamz at Luna's Café in Sacramento on June 1st. The harpists from the Yahoo Harplist group came out to fill the house! This photo was taken by my dear friend, Russ Gartz:

Saint Patrick's Day 2013!
I've performed at Peggy and Steve's St. Paddy's Day party for over 20 years! Scroll down, and you'll see photos from past years. One year, I asked Steve, "Do you want me to play at your party again this year?"

He answered, "Even if we won the lottery and moved to Ireland, we'd still have you play at our party!" Steve, here's to you winning the lottery! Love ya, Steve and Peggy.

This is a photo of me, Peggy, and Steve at St. Patrick's Day party 2013:

What a wonderful place to spend Christmas weekend, December 21st-23rd--In Mendocino, California. I performed at this lovely cliff village nestled along the rugged North Coast of California.

Performances included two holiday concerts and hotel restaurant and lobby performances in the Mendocino area. In the following photo, I'm all decked out next to the Christmas tree in the lobby of The Stanford Inn by the Sea, Mendocino’s premier eco-resort.

Corporate Christmas parties galore in 2012! These photos while I was seated on stage for a cocktail party for the Sierra Nevada Corporation, held at Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada.

The Fabulous Wednesday night gig: I began performing Wednesday nights at The Cellar Restaurant inside the historic Smith Flat House in Placerville, California. The Cellar is set inside an actual goldmine in the basement of the building! It certainly makes for perfect acoustics for Celtic harp music.

I’m thrilled to be performing regularly on Wednesdays at The Cellar, which is quickly becoming the hottest restaurant in Placerville. Make reservations, because it gets busy in there, even midweek. They feature farm-to-table food, and much of the local produce and wines are featured on their seasonal menu. I have a blast playing there—Taking requests from dinner guests. What’s the #1 request? “Stairway to Heaven”! (You can find my version of it on my Blue Jeans CD)

Photos snapped by a guest:

And here's the owner of The Cellar, Jason, tending bar:

December 8th holiday wine tasting performance! I performed holiday music favorites at Synapse Wines, in the California Sierra foothills. I’m usually playing there every other month or so, taking requests. I took the following photo of my setup next to their little “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree, just before they opened the doors for the evening. (Scroll down for additional photos from Synapse Wines.)

November 30, 2012 Cozmic Café Concert! I returned to one of my favorite concert venues to perform with guitarist extraordinaire Doug Adamz. It was an enchanting evening of fabulous stories and songs, sprinkled with a dose of good humor! We’ve performed at house concerts together, so this time, we were bringing our act to the stage. Special thanks go to Russ Gartz for providing this photo. It’s our only souvenir from that fun evening.

Performing on TV for Thanksgiving! I was invited to play on the Weekend Good Day Sacramento Show, on CBS Channel 31. See the video here. Host Cody Stark says, “We love you, Anne! You are a delight and, honestly, the only thing that classes up this joint.”

That table behind us in the photo below, taken on the set of the show, was filled with Thanksgiving dinner, just waiting for us.

Would you like to be treated to classic videos from an earlier appearances of mine on Good Day Sacramento? Here ya go...just click below. The producers asked me to play everywhere they could think of in the station, except for on top of the roof.

And here’s the classic “Live Elevator Music” video:

November 11, 2012 wedding scenes from Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center at the Sequoia, an historic mansion in Placerville. This cute little ring bearer was fascinated with the harp while I played during the reception (harp music isn’t just for wedding ceremonies--It's great for receptions, too!). These next two photos are courtesy of my long-time friend, Christopher Kight.

In the end, newlyweds Bethany and Joshua were thrilled:

Every wonder how I haul around all my harp equipment? Well, it takes roadies like my stellar roadie, Rose, to get the job done. She deserves a bit of photo credit here: I took this photo with my phone on October, at the end of the wedding summer season here at Lake Tahoe:

Late Summer Wedding at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, September 22, 2012: What a pleasure it was to play in the meadow at Desi and Dan’s Wedding. After the ceremony, talented photographer Bogdan Condor snapped this photo of me. Then, I scurried off set up at the reception.

Performing at the Governor's Mansion! Good roadies and assistants are hard to come by, but not at the Nevada State Governor’s Mansion. On September 22, 2012, I performed for a brunch for GROW, a group that spearheaded Carson City freeway enhancements, and these fellows were happy to help me out. Three roadies to help me to the car (plus my own roadie for the day, Peter who is on the left in this picture) means I’ll jump at the chance to perform again at the Governor’s Mansion anytime!

September 15, 2012 House Concert! I had a great time performing with my friend, the talented guitarist/fiddler/harmonica player and singer/songwriter, Doug Adamz. Don’t know what a house concert is? Well, it’s about time you attended one or hosted one. Find out more information at my Concert Page.


September 12, 2012 wedding on the shores of Lake Tahoe: I love this photo of me with the glistening blue water of the Lake behind me (taken at the North Tahoe Event Center) Thank you, Evan Zinser, for providing this gorgeous photo.

More wedding action, with that hat that looks like a wedding cake atop my head: September 1, 2012, I had the pleasure of performing for Kristi’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe. Thank you, Peter Spain for this lovely photo!

Celtic Session House Concert! I opened my house up for a house concert on August 10, 2013, featuring the gang of musicians I perform with at Murphy’s Irish Pub on Thursday nights. Here we are in afternoon rehearsal and run-through, before guests arrived to fill the empty seats. From left to right, that’s me, vocalist/guitarist/bodhran player Keith Shannon, bagpiper/bodhran player Sean Cummings, fiddler Candace Robinson, and guitarist/mandolin player Steven Hibbs.

And here’s what the concert looked like with the chairs filled:

Never attended a house concert? Want to get into hosting a house concert? Find out more info at my Concert Page.

My July 8, 2012 wedding performance was at one of the oldest California wineries, Gundlach Bundschu, perched atop a hill in the beautiful Sonoma Valley. I played for Michelle and Chris' wedding on a perfect summer day, warm with a light breeze blowing through the vineyard. The couple had fun, eclectic taste in music, asking me to play classical pieces for seating, Michelle walked down to the timeless rock song, "Free Bird", new age music by Enya for the post ceremony photo session, and a vast collection of rock for dinner service inside the cave. What fun!

It's the start of the 2012 summer wedding season at Lake Tahoe, and Corey Fox caught some gorgeous images from Brittany and Les' wedding at the Edgewood on June 29th. I love these photos, Corey!

Murphy's Irish Pub Celtic music sessions, 2012! Here are some additional photos taken of the good craíc (Irish Gaelic for "fun") on Thursday nights, hosted by piper Seán Cummings. These were shot April 5, 2012:

St. Patrick's Day Party, 2012! If you've visited this photo gallery in the past, or you take the time to scroll down this page, you'll discover that Steve and Peggy's St. Patrick's Day Party is a yearly event in Sacramento. I love collecting photos from the festivities!

Leprechauns abound at this party. A small one watches over me from the bookshelf as I play:


Here's the host, Steve, slaving away at the stove to create a vegetarian version of carrots and potatoes (the one served to guests includes bacon). Thank you, Steve, for taking good care of me :-)

Recording with a Grammy Award winning producer!
I was invited to perform with jazz vocalist and pianist Dale "Satchmo" Powers on the Stevie Wonder tune "If It's Magic". This was a real treat, working with Grammy© and Emmy© winning producer musician Narada Michael Walden. Thank you, Narada! Here we are in his San Rafael, California studio on December 18, 2011:

Wine and Celtic harp music! In the fall of 2011, I began performing at Synapse Wines in Placerville, California on a monthly basis. The contemporary, family-run tasting room features wines from a private microwinery in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The first photo was taken January 27, 2012, and the second photo was shot on October 27th, 2011. Check my performance calendar for my next appearance there!

I'm not just a landlubber. I have "sea legs" and have performed on many an ocean and lake cruise. The two photos below are from the Sample the Sierra Gourmet Dinner Cruise aboard the Tahoe Queen paddle wheeler on September 2, 2011. The first photo was taken before we left the dock, and the second was taken at sunset while cruising Lake Tahoe:

That's me, under the hat, performing at Sean and Chris' wedding on August 27, 2011 at The Chateau at Incline Village, Nevada. Special thanks to Gina Munda Photography for this wonderful photo:

Gold Country Bridal Fair, August 21, 2011 at the Sequoia in historic Placerville: A hot summer's day dictated that I wear something cool and comfortable--My sheer Victorian-style dress, finished off with a period hat (you can tell I love hats from the photos in this gallery!). Too hot for ghosts and spirits that day, and they didn't appear in any of my photos (but scroll down this page for photos from the February 2010 Gold Country Bridal Fair containing mysterious orbs).

This next photo was taken by Linda Jenkins. Thank you, Linda!

Celtic music sessions at Murphy's: My good friend, piper Seán Cummings, hosts a traditional Celtic music session at Murphy's Irish Pub, South Lake Tahoe, California, on Thursday nights. I've begun to bring my harp, squeeze in between the tables, and play along. Then, when the opportunities arise, I perform with some of my new friends at weddings, like the bluegrass music wedding mentioned below.

I took these two photos August 4, 2011. Here is the "percussion section" viewed above my harp, with Seán on the bodhran (the Irish drum) and Martin Harris playing spoons and bones:

And this photo features the fiddle section, with Robert Erlich on the far left, Candace Robinson on the far right (hey Seán, tell me the name of the fiddler in the center):

House Concert with Piper Seán Cummings! This year, 2011, I started hosting a few small intimate concerts in my living room. Have you ever experienced a house concert? If not, you should watch this video to get a feel for what it’s all about. (Visit the Concerts in Your Home website for more info.)

My concert with Seán was on a blustery day, May 28, 2011. We were glad to be indoors, and Seán shows his mirth by clowning around before guests arrive:

As the sun set, it began to snow--Note the white stuff outside the windows in this next photo. Guests were amused to watch the snow falling behind us as we performed. (It’s highly unusual to see snow fall, even in the California mountains, in late May.)

Here’s a still from the video of our performance of “She Moved Through the Fair”. (You can find this track on my Haste to the Wedding CD.)

Watch our performance while snow falls behind us, setting a backdrop for this magical evening:

Cozmic Concert on May 30, 2011! I performed with my dear friend, talented guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Alan Fuller, at the Cozmic Café in downtown Placerville, California. I’ve known Alan for many years, and he has graciously performed and helped arrange a number of tracks on my Celtic CDs (you can hear his wonderful performances on my Mermaids & Mariners and A Light in the Forest CDs). Although we love to get together to jam, it’s fairly rare that we end up performing on one stage.

Here is the publicity photo of Alan and I at the Cozmic Café:

The above photo was taken adjacent to the entrance of a mine shaft!

The Cozmic Café is located inside the Pearson Soda Works building, on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The building was erected in the 1850s by John McFarland Pearson who used the mining tunnel to store ice that he brought down from the mountains. He later branched out into making soda water and cream soda, and his sons built the upstairs portion as a bottling room, which now houses the bar and concert stage.

The Cozmic Café is located in downtown Placerville, an old California Gold Rush town originally named “Hangtown”. With it’s interesting history, there comes many tales of ghosts inhabiting this old Soda Works building that houses the Cozmic Café. I have heard about a happy miner called “Jack” who smiles from behind the upstairs bar. A Cozmic Café employee once showed me a photo he took that included the eery likeness of Jack to prove his existence to me. I've never personally experienced any apparitions. However, I casually snapped the picture below when no one was at the bar, and you’ll notice a big orb to the left of the ceiling light--A spirit?

(Scroll down to the photo of me standing inside a dooorway at the Sequoia, another historic building in Placerville--there are orbs galore in that shot.)

Our performance was happily void of the unexplainable. In fact, we had a great time! This next photo, taken by my friend Russ Gartz, captures the easy chemistry that I have with Alan.

Live on KVMR, community radio in Nevada City, CA: Laurie Des Jardin, host of The New Brick Road Show, invited me into the studio on May 13, 2011. In a live broadcast, I played music appropriate for weddings and gave away signed copies of my book The Bride’s Guide to Musicians: Live Wedding Music Made Easy and Affordable to lucky listeners who called in. Here's a shot taken during my on-air appearance:

2011 Renaissance Faire! The following photos are from the last Cain’s Crossing Rennaissance Faire in Auburn, California, held on Mother’s Day weekend. Alas, there was no 2012 Faire, but I hope that there will be enough funding for this wonderful living history event to return again in 2013.

This wonderful portrait was taken by Charles Falcone, a talented photographer who was visiting the faire on May 7, 2011.

And here I am with my motley crew of friends. Where is my harp in this photo? It is packed in its soft case in the background, to the right (It’s that dark blue, triangular shape).

St. Patrick's Day Party Time, 2011! I've performed for Peggy and Steve's popular St. Patrick's Day house party for over 20 years! I look forward to playing for their neighbors, friends, and relatives every year. Thanks to J.J. Jackson for the great photos! Photos from last year's St. Pat's Day shindig are further below. Just scroll down...

And here, with fabulous hosts Peggy & Steve:

Sweetheart Dance Reception, February 11th: fathers and their little girls came out in droves to the Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance in the Convention Center at Harvey's Resort, Lake Tahoe. While they waited to enter the ballroom, they got their photos taken and I played “happily ever after music”, the stuff of Disney films and other animated favorites. The girls were all wearing their party dresses and looked like little princesses. Here I am posing with a couple of young ladies in attendance.

CD Release Party!
I selected November 20, 2010 to celebrate the release of my two solo albums, Blue Jeans: Modern Pop on the Solo Harp and Velvet: Timeless Standards on the Solo Harp. Wouldn't you know it--I selected the day of the first big snowstorm of the season here at Lake Tahoe. I invited everyone I could possibly think of, and 50 of my most wonderful friends braved the weather to attend. They made it a success, and I feel so fortunate to have such good friends. We raised nearly $200 dollars to help Bread and Broth provide Thanksgiving meals to the needy, too!

I’ll start off with photos by my dear friend Russ Gartz, who traveled from Sacramento (100 miles away!) to attend. This first photo was not changed or photoshopped in any way. I am lifting my 10-lb carbon fiber harp from Heartland Harps with one hand. (I brought the harp to the party for all to try lifting it. It was fun to see everyone’s look of surprise as they thought they needed to muscle the harp off the floor as they picked it up!)

Russ’ abstract harp photo --A close-up of the tuning pins and levers on the carbon fiber harp:

Suzanne from JJ Entertainment played music from my CDs and devised a quiz for guests, asking trivia questions about the tunes on my new CDs. And the biggest source of entertainment was ScreenBooth Lake Tahoe, a state-of-the-art touch screen video and camera guestbook. Guests donned silly hats and glasses and mugged for the camera.

That’s me in the oversized Elton John glasses:

My “graduate” harp students--so advanced they have now moved on in their harping careers--Wanda and Fred. Nice hand position, Wanda!

On the radio: Ahead of my CD release party on November 20th, Howie Nave, comedian and host of the Improv at Harvey’s in Tahoe, invited me as a guest on his radio show “Howie’s Morning Rush” on The show aired on November 17th, and you can hear it all on my Radio and TV page. Silliness abounds, as can be seen in the photos below.

This first photo, Howie appears to be playing “air harp”, unbeknownst to me.

Bridal show action, and not the haunted kind (scroll down below for an description of a possible bridal fair haunting). This was the first bridal fair held at Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe in some ten years. I was at the first one back then, and I just had to be a part of this one, which took place on September 26, 2010. Here I am, sitting in my booth, playing for all brides in attendance:

Below is a souvenir shot form the first outing for my new 10-pound carbon fiber harp, which my friend Derek of Lake DJ Service calls “the stealth harp”.
I chose to use the carbon fiber harp for this performance, because  I was informed that I could not park close to the outdoor amphitheater, where the wedding was to take place. It was a long walk downhill from the closest parking (and a long walk uphill afterwards). The harp was wonderful, and it was a beautiful wedding. Now if  could only carry the harp in a backpack....

October wedding: This beautiful photo was taken on a chilly October 16th afternoon wedding for Holly and Steven at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Center by

Celtic harp and bagpipes on stage together again!
Eighth generation piper Seán Cummings and I played at our 5th annual Celtic Concert, filled with good music and lighthearted humor, on July 28, 2010. It was part of the Valhalla Summer Music Festival. We performed at the Boathouse Theatre, sitting on the shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe. As you can see in the photos below, the wall behind the stage is a glass window looking out onto the Lake. A simply stunning setting for a Celtic concert!

Here I am, performing a solo against the wonderful backdrop of blue Lake Tahoe. Below, I’m joined by Seán the piper, and then another shot capturing a moment when I had a chance to listen and enjoy his playing.

Tea party! May is a perfect time for tea parties! I performed at Dr. June Scofield’s tea party at Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant in Placerville, California, on May 13th. Guests were encouraged to wear big Victorian-style hats, and you can see the hat I chose for the occasion below. We played a round of “Name that Tune”, where I performed songs from Broadway and the movies for everyone to guess their titles. Dr. June knows how to throw a great party!

Ren Faire Reminisces: Some of my earliest performance experiences were at the nation’s first Renaissance Pleasure Faire held in Agoura, California. Since then, I caught the performance bug and was hooked on playing at Ren faires throughout California with my trusty harp.

My latest performances were at the Cain’s Crossing Renaissance Faire in Auburn, California on Mother’s Day. Fairgoers and performers alike dress in Renaissance period clothing and celebrate the heraldry of 1500s England. Visitors mingled with royalty, cheered for dueling sword fighters, bartered with merchants, indulged in wonderful foods, and of course, experienced my silly brand of humor coupled with historical Renaissance period harp music.

Here are a few photos from Mother’s Day at Ren faire. First, a close-up of me playing on stage:

This photo answers the question: How do you hug a man on stilts? Answer: Very carefully so that he doesn’t topple over.

And this is by far, my favorite moment of the entire faire. Yes, I actually played in the rain with the help of two good Samaritans. That’s me on the stage with Katy on the left and Wanda on the right. (Hmmm. What was on Wanda’s mind while she was holding that umbrella?)

This final photo shows me with a few of my faire friends. That’s me, bottom left, sitting next to Sandy (who has performed as good Queen Bess in past faires). Bob is standing on the left, with Eric the pirate, on the right. My roadie, Marni, stands in the middle, looking like she's having a grand time. Thanks, Marni, for taking the great pictures above and helping me out in the rain at Ren Faire!

Portraits: The beautiful photos below are from my February, 2010 photo shoot with the talented photographer, Ciprian. These were all taken inside Antoci’s at the Genoa Lakes Golf Club in Genoa, Nevada. More of these photos will appear inside the liner notes and packaging for my upcoming CD releases.

Haunted Bridal Fair? I participated at the Gold Country Bridal Fair February 21, 2010. It was held in the Sequoia, an historic California Gold Rush period mansion turned into a beautiful restaurant. I played for brides upstairs, in Molly's Parlor. Below are a few photos from the event.

My assistant, or "roadie", Rose took both of these photos in this old mansion that is assumed to be haunted. In the first picture, you can clearly see round shapes, a moon shape above the door one at the bottom of my dress, and a smaller one to the side of the doorway. These are said to be paranormal "orbs" or ghosts in the form of balls of light. I never saw them with my naked eyes, and nothing particularly strange happened, but I've not seen these balls in any other photos.

No orbs below--I'm just playing for the listening pleasure of the guests of the bridal fair.

This lovely wedding photo below was taken by Angelene Hall of Hall Creations Photography. Thank you Angelene!

All bundled up and playing in cccccold temperatures, this photo was shot on October 6, 2009 outside Gatekeeper's Museum, at William B. Layton Park in Tahoe City, California. And yes, I played the harp with those gloves on--they were fingerless gloves.

Art Center Concert: July 5th, 2009, I performed a special concert at the Mendocino Art Center, located 150 miles north of San Francisco in the quiet coastal village of Mendocino. This performance was part of the gallery’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, and what better way to celebrate than to play harp on July 4th weekend! Below are a couple of my favorite photos from the event:

Here are two stills from a video, shot by Phill Sheffield of Sheffield Multimedia on June 25, 2009. Footage was recorded at Harvey’s Cabaret inside Harvey's Resort Hotel and Casino at Lake Tahoe. What did I play in the video? Click on the link below these next two photos to find out...

And here is a live version of my performance of "Stairway to Heaven"...If you thought rock couldn't be done on a Celtic harp, think again. Yes, it can be done (with a lot of lever-flipping in the left hand). This live clip is from the good folks at the Good Day Sacramento show. Special thanks to my good friend and zany host, Cody Stark, and the entire Good Day Sacramento crew!

Didn't get enough of your fix of rock played on a Celtic harp? Well, this video should satisfy you. Metallica's "The Unforgiven", Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird", Coldplay's "Clocks", and more are in this fabulous 9-minute video. A few traditional Irish tunes are also included in this March 14, 2009 broadcast from Sacramento's KMAX-TV, channel 31. Hosts Cody Stark and Kelly Chapman interview me, on the Good Day Sacramento show, and I perform in the station lobby, the studio, the Spanish translation booth, and...the shower! (Why there is a shower in the station's bathroom is beyond me). Are the acoustics really better in a shower? Find out by watching this video. You've just got to see this:

If you are hankering for tracks of these rock tunes, and more, check out my Blue Jeans CD, located right here on this website!

St. Patrick’s Day 2010! For the past 20-odd years, I've performed for Peggy and Steve’s popular St. Patrick’s Day party. They decorate their home with every bit of St. Patrick’s Day kitsch possible, and then they invite their friends, neighbors, and family to feast on a complete St. Patrick’s Day meal, including the traditional corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. The menu features Peggy’s perfectly baked Irish soda bread and her fabulous baked brie (in the shape of a shamrock). J.J.’s homemade beers are also a mainstay of this yearly shebang (Steve made his own brew, too).

Here’s a sample of this year’s party photos:

Me with hosts Peggy and Steve:

Sheri of Dita Photography sent me this lovely photo to post here. It was taken at a wedding performance at The Chateau at Incline Village September 14, 2008. Thank you, Sheri!

I visited Minden Elementary School in Minden, Nevada and gave a presentation to 4th through 6th  grade students. My lesson plan included an introduction to the Celtic harp in Renaissance England and Ireland, along with a full discussion of the culture and music from that period. Here are a few photos from the January 22nd presentation:

At Kristi Harrison’s Fall Equinox Renaissance theme wedding at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno, Nevada, everyone was dressed in Renaissance period costumes, including me:

At Lake Tahoe, nestled in the high Sierra mountain range between California and Nevada, summer is wedding season. Here is a classic pose taken at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Club (photographer—Frederick Green).

I recorded her upcoming solo CD projects September 10-12, 2007 at Paul Stubblebine’s Studio in downtown San Francisco. Below are some photos from the sessions.

Here I am, performing while surrounded by microphones (photo taken by Marina Ledin):

The crew consults with each other while examining the music score. From left to right: Victor and Marina Ledin, my producers, and Paul Stubblebine, engineer:

Everyone’s thumbs went up, simultaneously, when I played a perfect take! This was my view from inside the studio, looking through the glass at the crew in the control room (from left to right, Victor, Marina, Chris (Paul’s assistant engineer), and Paul):

Rockin' at the Hard Rock Café Lake Tahoe, inside Harvey’s Casino, at Stateline, Nevada, on September 13, 2007:

Some fun stills captured from my YouTube video, filmed by Phill Sheffield from Sheffield Multimedia, July, 2007. The video appears below these wonderful stills...

Here is my PR video, containing lovely images from Lake Tahoe, where I reside. The tune I'm playing is called "The Fox Hunter's Jig", a track from my Haste to the Wedding CD (which you can sample and purchase on this website).

A couple of photos performing during the silent auction at the Recording Academy Honors at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, April 29, 2007:

On tour in Ireland in March of 2007, I played “Carrickfergus” at the Renvyle House Hotel, Connemara, County Galway. What you can't tell in that picture is that Donnie O'Donald, who is seated next to me, is just waiting for my rental harp to break another string. It was the fussiest harp I've ever played.

Christmas Eve, 2006, I performed at Sealed with a Kiss, an elegant shop specializing in lingerie, evening wear, wedding accessories, and unique gifts. The shop is located at Heavenly Village at South Lake Tahoe, California:

Would you like to hear some live holiday harp music? The crew of the Good Day Sacramento show (KMAX-TV, Channel 31) challenged me on December 13, 2008 to play live harp music in an elevator. "Are you kidding?" I asked them? No, they were not. This is a hilarious video of me playing "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas" while the elevator doors open and shut. Show hosts Cody Stark and Kelly Chapman commentate. Enjoy!

Russ Gartz, using a vintage camera, took these two lovely photos at East West Bookshop concerts in Sacramento. The color photo was taken on February 7, 2006, and the black and white photo is from the June 6, 2006 concert:

Taking a break while recording “A Light in the Forest” at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California, September 2005. From left to right: Michael Frost (violist), Dorothy A. Hawkinson (filler), Chris Caswell (percussionist), me, Char Berta (flutist), and Alan Fuller (guitarist):

At the Cozmic Café on August 19, 2005, my recording engineer for all the Celtic Club recordings, John La Grou, brought his guitar on stage and sat in on a set:

Below are photos taken from my CD release party for “Mermaids & Mariners”, September 21, 2004, at the Edgewood Golf Club, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Photos taken by Frederick Green. Here, from left to right, are Michael Frost on viola, Dorothy A. Hawkinson on fiddle, me on the Celtic harp, and Alan Fuller on guitar:

And here’s an artsy shot looking at me through the strings as I play at the Edgewood: